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Crazy few days...
Published on February 20, 2004 By Dark-Star In Work Reports

Well, today was productive despite the lack of a test server.

  • Updated Latest JoeUser Articles to now reflect 10 results and not just 5
  • Updated login frame window to now support a link to your account info.
  • Added a link from info page to top bloggers. Now you can compare your standings easier.
  • Added HTML Editor to the article reply section (updated action file and common utilities)
  • Added a number to each Reply to reflect which reply your on.
  • Consolidated info and info lite pages in to one page. (updated forums with new link)

Well, that's all for now. Some of these changes are minor so they are already up and running on this site. Others, however, will require to be updated on Thursday along with many other updates that will be added during the week.


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