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My Work report
Published on June 17, 2005 By Dark-Star In Work Reports
The following are some things I've done. Enjoy!

-- Added a Flash Game Page to TGN to support games that have Flash versions.
-- Added 'Reaktor' Flash Game version to TGN.
-- Fixed 'Quote' box colors on
-- Fixed product links on Products page on
-- Fixed grammar error on Corporate Solutions page on
-- Removed Paging Control from Articles if no comments are present for a TGN Article.
-- Fixed TGN's Article Comments Basic Editor links visuals to match Forums.
-- Updated SDC info.htm page. Added graphics, updated layout, fixed HTML bugs. Also worked with Brain to include additional features.
-- Tested SDC TGN subscriptions and web purchases.
-- Tested Forum Moderation System for WC.
-- Support Emails - Answered questions and helped solve several account issues.
-- Updated visuals and functionality for a future Moderator assignment application for WinCustomize forums created by JR.
-- Changed the visuals on the info page to make those who have WC personal pages stand out more. I made a big'ol button that'll have people taking notice.
-- Added a fix for WC so it'll now support multiple Style Sheets depending on your browser. Believe it or not, we're going to try to actually support other browsers better. This I'm sure is going to make a lot of people happy. It's currently functioning right now, however I'm certain there are areas of the site that have not been fixed. At least now we can begin to address these issues.
-- Added a filter for Object & IFRAME tags from forum posts.
-- Packed up my stuff and moved to the new building.

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