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Published on February 4, 2004 By Dark-Star In Work Reports
--Added a Date form field (M/D/Y) to the sdnet_login page on stardock with form JavaScript validation for those who are not 18 years of age or older. Will be testing and uploading tomorrow.
--Added Quote system to the Article Reply area of JoeUser. Now you can reply to an article and quote from that page.
--Added Google advertising to

--Minor Layout fix on Political for adding spacers to the full width of the page for better support and to prevent text wrapping on the footer.
--Found a small bug in the paging of posts on sub categories on Political Machine. Later fixed by JR.

--Started working on the direct skin purchase page. Form layout and design established. Goal of finishing this page for Larry tomorrow.
--Work a little bit more on the account setup page for Political Machine.
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