Containing facts, figures and a whole bunch of nothing...
Published on March 10, 2006 By Dark-Star In Object Desktop
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on Mar 10, 2006

appears to be working

Bichur [Troll]

on Mar 10, 2006
appears to be working

How can you tell by peeking out your little window? What are you hiding from?

Po' (Smedley)
on Mar 10, 2006
I got stumpy being thumped too many times
on Mar 10, 2006
neener, neener, neenerrrrrr...

on Mar 10, 2006

Test? Did I pass? I don't understand

It is difficult to answer when one does not understand the question...

I'm not very good at this sort of thing.

on Mar 10, 2006
I see Evil Spock!Frightened 2
on Mar 10, 2006
Not evil, just Fuzzy
Good to see you as your old self again. Who aare you quoting, anyway?
aimzzz thinks Fuzzy is talking to himself
on Mar 10, 2006
'tis a test! aargh!
oh wait..!
on Mar 10, 2006
It's Evil Spock quoting Good Spock!Frightened 2

I wouldn't be surprised if the alternate universe version of Jafo wasn't far behind.
Hiding Behind Sofa
on Mar 11, 2006

The quote is from Sarek in 'ST IV - The Voyage Home'

I am the alternate Fuzzy. I have a Tantalus field device here - it is a button which makes people disappear from the site without trace 

on Mar 11, 2006
Did you use it on the first Fuzzy?
Image Hosted by
on Mar 11, 2006
Fuzzy Logic had no beard
Then Anti-Fuzzy did appear
With his Tantalus and a leer
He made good Fuzzy disappear!
So instead of Fuzzy
Anti-Fuzzy is the Fuzzy who is here!
Are you fuzzy or is it clear?
There were two Fuzzy's
Now one's not here
Good Fuzzy's gone
and all should fear
Anti-Fuzzy and his sneer!

on Mar 11, 2006
What if this Fuzzy is the good one and the one we knew before was the evil twin?

Or maybe they are morally equivalent like matter and antimatter... wait, that scenario is impossible. If they were like matter & antimatter, each atom would annihilate its opposite, leaving only the difference between the 2... the beard! But we still have an entire Fuzzy here, plus the beard.

but which one is the evil Fuzzy???
on Mar 11, 2006
The BEARD is the evil one! Anyone who knows anything about alternate realities and universes...or evil twins in general, knows the BEARD is bad. (Beards, scars, tattoo's, and nervous tick's are a dead give away!)

An evil twin with a Tantalus is the worst. We are all doomed. DOOMED!

on Mar 11, 2006
Did his Tantalus field device implant that lightning bolt into your brain???
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