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Who do I contact when something goes wrong.
Published on September 29, 2005 By Dark-Star In WinCustomize Site Issues
It has come to our attention here at that some free downloadable suites featured on our site may not always download properly for one reason or another. So what do you do? The answer depends on the content and where it is coming from. Please read our disclaimer below to learn more about our policy in this regard.

Disclaimer: may provide links to Internet sites that are maintained by third parties. takes no responsibility for the information, products or services available on these sites, nor does it warrant that the functions contained in the materials will be uninterrupted or error-free.

So how do you know if you are on a 3rd-party site? Simple. Just look at the domain of the site. That's the web address, for those who are not sure what that means. If you notice that the domain isn't from or, then you can be pretty sure this is a 3rd-party site.

In those instances, please contact the webmaster of that site. Usually, you can find a link to contact them somewhere directly from the home page of that site. If however, the trouble you are experiencing is found on our site, please contact us, instead. You may reach us at:

If you have any questions, you can also contact me directly ( and I'd be happy to clarify things!
on Oct 25, 2005
wow, 26 days up and no comments...that's just sad...
would have thought more people would have been appreciative of the information...well, probably not those complaining...

I think it's an excellent clarification and I give it 2 thumbs up!

on Oct 25, 2005
I guess this indeed shuts some mouths doesn't it?
on Oct 25, 2005
Good to know such info...i'll give it two thumbs up too!
on Oct 25, 2005
i never saw this post!!! ...i dont know why , but it´s good to know all that info , thanks Dark-Star, rady for next info!

-=TYCUS=-(Happy Birthday to me!!!)
on Oct 28, 2005
It is good to know. (I'd give it three thumbs if I had another hand)
on Nov 05, 2005
That information is very straight forward and good to anything that is 3rd party its a case of use at your own risk unless otherwise stated.