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Published on September 2, 2005 By Dark-Star In Metaverse
Hello GalCiv fans!

I just wanted to know your feedback on a new feature that will be coming to the GalCiv2 website; The Metaverse! Similar to the original metaverse from GalCiv1 site, we want to allow players the ability to submit game high scores to our website, where they can be ranked against the best GalCiv2 players.

The question is, what sort of medals would you like to see players winning. I'll give you some examples, and perhaps you, the players, can tell us what you want to see included in the new metaverse.

Okay, these are ideas we're looking for:
--Over all high score medals with the top 10 highest scoring players recieving medals.
--Nice guy awards
--Most Evil player award
--Most games played
--Worst average score award <- hehehe I would so own this one.
--Creative ship architect award.

Okay, I hope you get the idea. So with that in mind, lets hear what you think would be a cool NEW addition to the metaverse. GalCiv2 has a ton of new features, so let's be creative here people! We'll pick the best ideas and add them to the metaverse! So get posting!

Here are some concepts. Note the ideas or the graphics here are not final and may change.

Player Ranks:
2nd Lieutenant
Fleet Captain
Rear Admiral
Vice Admiral
Fleet Admiral

Overal Morality:
Very Evil
Chaotic Evil
Chaotic Good
Very Good

Games Submitted:
5 Games
10 Games
15 Games
25 Games
35 Games
50 Games
75 Games
100 Games
150 Games
200 Games

Average Difficulty:
Cake Walk

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on Sep 02, 2005
You should have awards for fastest game win on different map sizes. I'd like to see how few turns it takes expert players to win a game.
on Sep 02, 2005
Also you can have awards for best mod.
on Sep 02, 2005
What about racial awards? Completed 5 games as Drengin, Drengin 2nd Lieutenant rank awarded.
on Sep 02, 2005
Looks good so far. My biggest complaint with the old medals was the lack of reward for topping the specialized categories (most evil, most good, most neutral, various map sizes, etc). But from your post it looks like you're already thinking about those. I just want to make sure that when I take the Evillest Man in the Meta award this time around, I get something to show for it

It also might be nice to have "past #1" medals for each category, so long as they work properly (I know there seemed to be problems with people getting them in error or not at all with GC1, at least last I saw... I know I never got a past #3, though that's more likely due to getting and losing the spot before the medals were added for it.).

As mentioned by others, it would be nice to have medals for community achievemets as well (mods submitted to library, ships, scenarios, etc). And one for Veteran/Diplomat/other special ranks too. Another idea would be to have medals signifying empire leaders.
on Sep 02, 2005

Currently I think the average difficulty icons are to hard to tell what they are so we will probably be changing those.  Other than that I like what you have so far.

on Sep 02, 2005
It might be good to be able to sort the database results in more ways so you could get the ranking for different races, difficulty levels, morality. I will never top the overall metaverse but I might be able to specialize and become the best chaotic good, Drengin player on large maps at a challenging setting

I agree with the difficulty icons: I cant tell if they are pictograms or just moderm art: a simple solution would be to split the 12 levels into 4 groups giving 1, 2 or 3 stars. These 4 tiers could colour their stars in wood, bronze, silver and gold.

The Galciv1 forum had a big discussion thread you've probably looked at with suggestions for all manner of medals. I like the idea of getting a medal for achieving peaceful victories such as an "Order of the [insert race] Diplomatic Service (1st, 2nd, 3rd class)" for example. Or the "[insert race] Prize for research" for those winning by the research route. The medal could change name acording to how many were won by that method when playing that race. Or on a global search show up as the "Inter-species" medal.

There could be a special Racial Awareness medal for winning a set number of games as each race. This could have ranks too such 1st,2nd,3rd class or something more prosaic like the British honours system "Member, Knight, Knight Grand Cross" etc. These internal ranks would have the same medal but with some distinguing mark added like a bar on the ribbon (and pop-up on hover text to tell you what they are).

I like medals: shiny shiny like my preciousssss...
on Sep 02, 2005
Excellent suggestions so far guys. Thank you. I'm writing this stuff down. Keep'em coming. Soon, we'll have medals for EVERYTHING!!!!
on Sep 02, 2005
I like the idea of having a set of ranks for each race you play, maybe stars for one, circles for other, triangles  for other or create some similar to the emblem of each race.
on Sep 02, 2005

  • Most slain enemies (overall total, top X% get it)

  • Most conquered population (overall total, top X% get it)

  • largest fleet (perhaps use the previously posted player ranks to denote peak size of your military, do the rankings so that ensign puts you at the top X% of those reported, with fleet admiral being the top 1%)

  • What about a fat cat award, for those in the top 5% total $$ (in one game)? Perhaps use gemstones to denote the rankings.

  • Maybe a 'Renaissance man' medal for each race. Require registering a victory for all possible ways to win AND on both sides of morality.  

  • 'Nobel Peace Prize': no idea if its allowable to co-opt an existing award's name. No victories by military means in any submitted game..

I'd suppose the last two would be more rare than the others, and mutually exlusive.

on Sep 02, 2005
Perhaps some science medals, maybe one for researching all tech in a game, or ending the game with the most tech research.

Maybe some for earning a tech victory with each race. Such as a medal for one race, then one after you do it for 3 races, etc.
on Sep 02, 2005
How does this look?

Average Difficulty:
Cake Walk Easy Simple Beginner
Normal Challenging Tough Painful
Crippling Masochistic Obscene Suicidal
on Sep 02, 2005
Now that is better,I got a suggestion but I don't know if this is possible, how about making 3 groups with 3 different colors like cakewalk to beginner (yellow), normal to Painful (blue) and crippling to suicidal (red)?  I meand the areas that are gray now changing them to these 3 colors?
on Sep 02, 2005
Those definitely are better but the designs are a bit intricate to make for easy differentiation. Pop up text would help there I guess, but a simpler bolder design would be easier to take in at a glance.
on Sep 04, 2005
up text would help there I guess, but a simpler bolder design would be easier to take in at a glance.
I have some ideas for this as well. I'll try to make a concept and drop it in this thread when I'm done. Thanks Kevin for the info, too. I know what you're saying. -- And THANKS TO EVERYONE for posting.
on Sep 05, 2005
The galciv 1 thread I was referring to is

and some of their results were posted at

I like the chocolate mountain award
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