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Work done this week.
Published on March 18, 2005 By Dark-Star In Developer Journals
The following is a list of updates, bug fixes, and other assorted items of note for this week (not necessarily WC related):
  • Monday - Updated Stardock's affiliates page (oem). Created a mockup of a future affiliates page. Also, updated (improved login + welcome screen & navigation feature). Answered some WC support emails.
  • Tuesday - Took the day off.
  • Wednesday - Did some updates to Stardock's account page, fixing a mailing list bug and added a couple features for adding future mailers. Answered some more WC support emails.
  • Thursday - Updated WC's watchlist to strip out JoeUser anchor tags and hide rem tags for improved article previews. Updated some text on the create/edit article pages for WC. Also, added a new graphic to replace a missing graphic on Answered some more WC support emails.
  • Friday - Saving the world*

  • *one support email at a time. (to early to tell what I've done today)

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