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Open invite on my empire
Published on February 19, 2006 By Dark-Star In Galactic Civilizations II
Hello Everyone! 

We just wanted to invite anyone who loves to play a little on the Dark Side to join our empire. If you want to join a cool empire that will no doubt reach top ranks and you just love to post on the Metaverse, by all means, please consider The Overmind Empire.

Plus, dedicated players will be elevated to Senator!

Thanks for considering,
The Overmind Empire
on Feb 19, 2006
who loves to play a little on the Dark Side

Only a little?
on Feb 20, 2006
-puts on darth vader helmet- ... wheres the sign in book?
on Feb 20, 2006
I am here and i obey... *Looks for a Red Lightsaber*
on Feb 20, 2006

To join, please visit this link ( and remember that you must be logged in to the Metaverse to see a "Join Empire" button below our Empire logo. Simply click it, and select which character of yours you wish you join our empire. Thanks in advance! We are going to rock!

on Mar 14, 2006
Thanks Dark-Star,
Count me in...
Now if only I can get my internet at home working
on May 27, 2006
Hey darkstar im in the top 3 now in the empire (hehe thanks recalc can you senetor me?
Or is this empire defunt now?
on May 27, 2006
It seems a little unfair, for the rest of us that are trying to start an empire, to see a stardock employee setting up his own empire. If you want to join a great empire join the B.C. Space Orcas